Step by Step Process of a HMO

Step 1: Do your research

Please take your time to look through our website and read through the FAQ questions, case study examples, my social media pages to understand the basics of a HMO.

Step 2: Get prepared

Please take the time to pull together as much of the information below as you can as this will save time:

- What is your investment strategy?

Ie Positive cash flow, X% per year yield, (give a few examples)

- Are you looking to buy established or build new?

Established, New, Unsure

- Are you a first time investor or do you currently have property investments?

- If you have investments what is the total value of your property investments?

- What is your budget?

- How much deposit can you access?

- What is your expected timeframe?

Once we have this information, we will call you to discuss or ask any additional questions.

Step 3: Are we a match?

We will look at the information you have provided us in more detail and provide you with some options and demonstration of what returns you could expect from your investment. This will provide you with clear details on where the HMO would sit and allow you to compare to your other investments.

Step 4: Lets make it happen

If everything looks good, it’s now time to get your finance in order.

Step 5: Let's begin

Once your finance is approved we can get the ball rolling
- Discussing locations
- Present options
- Acquire property
- Project management and timeframe agreement
- Schedule conversion
- Complete
- Pass over to JNG for Property Management