Buyers Agency

JNG Property Group's Buyers Agent specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of properties on behalf of the buyer (you, the client). We pride ourselves on our ability to bring you properties that fit perfectly with the HMO strategy. Our buyers agent has access to a wider range of properties than you would ordinarily be exposed to. We utilise our network and specialised tools to connect you with focused opportunities, often before they are advertised to others in the market.Our buyer's agent is licensed to bid for you at auction if required,ensuring that emotions are kept in check and smart tactics are employed.

Floor Plan Re-designs

We take an everyday standard residential property and update the floor plan to its full potential to increase the rental income of each room.

Fire Safety Upgrades

The HMO Property Co ensures all HMO Properties have the required Fire Safety upgrades, that meet the requirements of the National Construction Code.

These include;

  • Hard-wired interconnected smoke alarms in every habitable room to meet the requirement of AS 3786:2014 and located to satisfy section of the National Construction Code

  • Evacuation lighting on each level of the property to assist occupants in the event of a fire in accordance with the requirements of section, Vol 2 of the National Construction Code

  • Exit door hardware; the prescribed exit door is required to satisfy the requirements of section D2, part 2.20 (b)(i) D2.21 Vol 1 of the National Construction Code, the main entry/exit door of the property is to be fitted with the appropriate hardware; single lever always free-to-exit.

  • Evacuation signs and diagrams to be fitted in each bedroom identifying the minimum elements of section 3.5.5 of AS 3745: 2010

  • Fire extinguishers to be installed and meet the requirements of Volume 1 of the National Construction Code and AS 2444. A 2.5k.g DCP AB:E type extinguisher, and a 1x1m fire blanket. Installation is to be maintained on an annual basis by a certified Fire & Safety Consultant.

Project Management

We are the experts in HMO and our Project Management team use best practice processes to keep costs down, increase value and improve efficiencies. Our team often take over the management of properties after conversion, which creates an additional level of accountability. We immerse ourselves in the attention to detail and keep the project focussed on the end goal.

Furniture Packs

In order to gain cut through against competition we encourage all furniture to be new, or if second hand; all matching and in good condition. Please remember that the better presented the house is, the higher the standard of resident we attract, and a higher room rate is more achievable. For photography and viewings we ask that all beds are made with a full set of linen and dressed with cushions and accessories. The decorative items in the bedroom are removed before a resident moves in. Linen and bedding remain for the resident. We recommend wall art, faux plants and accessories throughout the house for a homely feel.

Hands Free Investment

We believe the best way of learning is by doing, with the Hold My HMO Package we’ll hold your hand throughout the whole process of investing in a HMO. From locating to converting and setting it up to the right specification in order to attract the standard of HMO residents required for maximum cashflow return. This form of hands on learning means you’ll get an actual understanding of what you need to do to get the best return from your HMO, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! You won’t be sitting in a seminar or going through course material, you’ll be doing the feasibilities on a live investment – your investment! By doing this, you’ll be learning exactly what you need to do, and take these learnings with you for your HMO Investment future.