The COVID 19 Lockdown Effect On Renters

The COVID 19 Lockdown Effect On Renters

Imagine a world where you could be at one place today, and then at a completely different place at the other end of the world, the week after. Travel freely anywhere you wish, dining out with friends, visiting remote family members, without a care in the world.

To many of us, this was our reality, until COVID 19 hit and changed the world as we knew it. As Western Australia’s hard borders meant no option to not just travel for taking a break, but also preventing us from seeing relatives and loved ones over east or outside the country. We have become dependent on digital connection and social media apps, leaving us more socially disconnected than ever.

The burden of lockdown can affect people from all walks of life.
Social isolation can lead to serious mental and physical health issues, causing depression, anxiety and other difficult conditions, as a result from loneliness.
This is why now, more than ever it is important to find strong bonds and social relationship with the people around us, who we can spend quality time with and share our thoughts and feelings with. It can be quite a hard thing to do when living on your own.
We are craving community; we are craving human connection with likeminded people.

Co living gives us exactly that. While maintaining your privacy and independence, living in your own space, you can still find a friendly face under the same roof, to dine with, to share thoughts and ideas with, or even just play board games or watch TV, spend quality time together, so that lockdown does not have to mean boredom or loneliness.
The HMO Property Co keeps high standards in our spaces, creating not only affordable but also beautifully designed and styled rooms, making it a place you wouldn’t mind isolating at.

Studies show, those living in a shared space are less at risk of suffering from depression, stress, high blood pressure and anxieties.

HMO’s offer an opportunity to address social isolation and loneliness by creating homes that offer social interaction, without sacrificing an independent lifestyle.
Our tenants find this as the perfect solution to live an affordable, happier life, and the thing they love most about co living, is coming home.